Introducing the CF Analyzer blog

Introducing the CF Analyzer blog: your one stop for everything from basic real estate investing concepts to advanced underwriting approaches.

Tom Wagner
Tom Wagner
1 min read

There are a lot of places you can go to learn about real estate online. From Bigger Pockets to YouTube to podcasts to Twitter, we are all overwhelmed with a deluge of content to choose from on a daily basis.

Sadly, most of this content is garbage.

You'll often find wholesalers pitching their course instead of trying to wholesale deal and "investors" talking their book instead of unearthing and stabilizing great deals.

This blog will be neither of those things. Instead, we will focus on a broad range of topics in extreme detail, such as:

  • Calculating net operating income (NOI) and cap rate
  • How to determine market rent
  • Running comps
  • Estimating expenses
  • Investing for appreciation vs investing for cash flow

More to come -- stay tuned!

What is a "Cap Rate" in real estate investing and how is it calculated?

6 min read

Cap rate is a key metric used to analyze real estate investments. It varies significantly depending on asset class and market, and it is important to both understand how to calculate it and how to interpret it in order to make good real estate investing decisions.